Robert W. Thompson, the true inventor of the tire

Robert W. Thompson, the true inventor of the tire

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Robert William Thomson (July 26, 1822 - March 8, 1873), born in Stonehaven, Scotland, was a self-taught inventor (learned chemistry, electricity, and astronomy with the help of a local weaver) and the true inventor of the tire.

The December 10, 1845, the Scottish engineer Robert W. Thompson receive the British patent for a new car tire. As a novelty, it contained an inner tube inflated with air, enclosed within the rubber tire itself.

The patent for your tire it was also granted to him in France (1846) and in the USA (1847).

His tires were presented in London's Regent's Park in 1847, being installed in horse-drawn carriages. That was a whole improvement over solid rubber tires, since the vibration was considerably reduced, making the journeys much more pleasant for travelers.

But nevertheless, this tire was not a commercial success, since it was invented before the use of the bicycle and the automobile spread.

The fact that the Thompsom tire was intended for horse-drawn carriages made practically disappeared from the scene after a few years.

It would take another 40 years for it to reappear, hand in hand with John Boyd Dunlop, which stated that never knew the Thompsom tire. So yes, the bicycle was already popular and the invention spread all over the world. The Dunlop was the industry standard for half a century, until the advent of the radial tire.

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