On February 18, 1979 it snowed for the first time in the Sahara desert

On February 18, 1979 it snowed for the first time in the Sahara desert

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The stamp of seeing a desert like the Sahara covered with snow It is something unusual, but it is not such an unthinkable situation, and the February 18, 1979 for the first time ever.

In deserts, days are usually very hot, with temperatures that can reach 50 degrees, but nights are quite cold, with lows that can be below 0 degrees Celsius.

In certain situations, the arrival of a lot of cold air coincides with humidity, giving rise to precipitation that, exceptionally, can be in the form of snow.

This situation occurred on February 18, 1979. A pocket of cold air was located in the vertical of the border of Libya with Algeria and Tunisia. The result was a snowfall, the first to be remembered in this area of ​​the Sahara.

Some media collect in their chronicles how «it snowed so much that it paralyzed traffic in some towns«.

After 37 years, the unusual was repeated. The Algerian city of Ain Sefra, the ‘gateway to the desert’ located between the extreme north of the Sahara and the Atlas Mountains, the morning covered with snowDecember 19, 2016.

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