They discover that Stonehenge had great acoustics to amplify voices and improve the sound of music

They discover that Stonehenge had great acoustics to amplify voices and improve the sound of music

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Due to the arrangement of the stones, any noise that was reproduced inside it was not projected beyond the surrounding field of the monument.

A team of British researchers from the University of Salford suggests that the arrangement of the megalithic Stonehenge monument in England created an importantacoustic space inside. The results of their study were published in the journal Science Direct.

According to the scientists, the design of the rock structure achievedamplify voices and enhance the resonance of music within the monument. To reach this conclusion, acoustic engineer Trevor Cox and his colleagues recreated a scale model (1:12) to simulate the displacement of sound.

The designed replica, called Stonehenge Lego, recreated the157 stones that were part of the site approximately 4,200 years ago, allowing the study of the acoustic effects of the open landscape that surrounded the monument. Subsequently, the team placed speakers and microphones at various internal and external locations.

Cox compared the characteristics of the archaeological site to a movie theater. “Surprisingly considering that Stonehenge has no roof and there are many spaces between the stones, the acoustics are more like a closed room,like a cinemarather than an outdoor space, ”explained the study author.

Due to the arrangement of the stones, any noise that occurred at Stonehenge did not project beyond the surrounding field of the monument and, even, it is considered that not even the people who were near the circle of megaliths could perceive it clearly. Also, the sounds did not echo off the model.

'The model has a more accurate representation of prehistoric geometry […] How Stonehenge was used is highly disputed, but these results show that lsounds improved within the circle compared to the outside, ”the researchers concluded.

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